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  1. Spanish Immersion Program

  2. Alyssa started this program at the Emory Autism Center where she teaches adults Spanish language and culture.

  1. Political Committee 

    1. @McCarthy, Julian and I lanched our political committee this year and submitted a meeting with John Lewis in July in DC which got cancelled due to COVID-19, but are hopeful that we will have this in the future. 

    2. We will be moving our biweekly WW campaigns online 

    3.  @Sodagum, Charita @Hewitt, Paige @Salama, Youssef @Guenther, Bryce @Kim, Julie Please film a 2-3 minute video talking about a political issue in autism by Sunday, May 17th. 

      1. Use the video on our tab as an example - (you don't have to add animations if you don't know how to). Basically, act as if you're talking to a student at Wonderful Wednesday! 

      2. It can be on any topic related to autism policies, inequalities, etc. 


    5.  Please also include a brief description about what you are talking about.  

    6. Here are some suggested topics:


      Autism in Georgia | Emory Autism Awareness


  2. Vigil 

    1. This was such a beautiful event. @Neely, Erin Thank you SO much for arranging all of this. @Forsyth, Alyssa @Sanjana Karamcheti @Joe, Elayne @Wickwire, Griffin @George, Bella Thank you for being there ❤️ This inspired us to write more about Autism Rights Issues. 


    3. @McCarthy, Julian and I put this together, @Neely, Erin would you be able to type up a little blurb for filicide? I will add the photos!


  3. Business Blog 


    Business Blog | Emory Autism Awareness

    A collection of summaries focused on the intersection of Autism and various aspects of business, employment, and social services.

    1. Our B school team started writing articles and I personally learned A LOT from reading them. 

    2.  @Funda, John will send you your assignments shortly 




  4. World Autism Videos 


    2. @Przygonska, Amanda @Randunne, Amanda @Salama, Youssef @Fahmy, Matthew Please watch each video and send me your favorite quote from your peers from each by  Sunday, May 17th. 

  5. Autism Abroad 


    Autism Abroad | Emory AAO


    2. featuring @McCarthy, Julian @Hood, Titus@Sun, Andrew @Shaban, Sash@Wickwire, Griffin


    4.  I put this page together, and if any of you have learned about autism in your travels, let me know and we will get your story on here! 

  6. Music Therapy 

    1. @Chen, Michelle Would you be able to 

    2. Add 3 more videos by Sunday, May 17th

    3. Email the Emory music department asking if they have any students interested in adding to our page?

  7. Sports League 

    1. @Browning, Avery Will you please write an introduction for the page by Sunday May 17th? Refer to the google doc I shared with the entire SL Team 

    2. Intros can be found in almost all our tabs so use that as an example! 

    3. @Sun, Andrew Could you write a ~300 ish word article on why sports are good for kids with autism? 

    4. You can send this to either @Hood, Titus or I to get on the site. 


  8. Instagram 

    1. Don't forget your assignment due May 14th!

  9. Erin's Story 

    1. Once again, @Neely, Erin you are such an inspiration and we are so lucky to have you in AAO. 


  10. Fundraising 

    1. @Blair, Henry McLean has taken the lead with our events leading up to the AS 5K 

    2. Would you be able to get your story and background with the tournie on the site by Sunday May 17th? 

  11. Research Symposium 

    1. @Wang, Charlotte and I are moving the planned symposium online: Here is a sneak peak of what it's going to look like:


    3. We will be in touch with presenters and if you would like to be on our presenter list, shoot us a text or email. 

  12. Research Reviews 

    1.  Thank you @drayson campbell @Blair, Henry McLean for stepping up and helping write COVID-19 reviews with me! 

    2. @Heflin, Sean@Metcalfe, Cole please make up at least one of your missed reviews by Sunday, May 17th. 

    3. @Song, Sophia @Joe, Elayne If you two would be able to write a short COVID-19 review by May 20th? 

    4. All of you can send me your articles directly and I will edit and send them back to you within 24 hours. 

  13. ASD Therapies 

    1. @Hentschel, Matt created a tab on ASD treatments and his own experience as a registered therapist! 



  14. Website 

    1. I want to give the biggest thank you to @Funda, John for cleaning up our site and putting in extra hours to do it. 

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