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Did you know... 

Did you know... 

Children are diagnosed with autism at 10 TIMES the rate of cancer, diabetes, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy combined. 

Yet, autism research is funded 10 TIMES LESS than each of those diseases mentioned beforehand. 

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Individuals with autism have TWICE the premature death rate compared to the "normal" population. 

These deaths can be preventable with the right intervention methods.


Learning about what interventions work is a huge part of autism research.

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Autism can be compounded with other diseases such as schizophrenia,  gastrointestinal disorders, epilepsy (seizures), and more.

30% of children with ASD are also diagnosed with ADHD

Individuals with ASD are extremely vulnerable to depression and anxiety, which stems from their difficulties to be socially integrated in our society. 

If we don't produce more effective interventions for ASD, the cost of caring for Americans with autism will be $461 billion by 2025.

A characteristic of kids with autism is
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Boys affected by ASD are extremely susceptible to compulsive video gaming. This has catastrophic effects on their social skills, progression, employment opportunities, and mental health.


Girls affected by ASD who suffer from gaming addiction have more severe depression and social anxiety than their male counterparts.   

Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT) have been empirically shown to improve social skill outcomes of children with ASD. The most common therapy animals used are dogs. 🐕 Horses have been shown to have amazing results as well 🐴. 

A drawback of these treatments is that it is not affordable for every family affected by autism. Furthermore,  progression stops or retracts once therapy sessions are stopped. 



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There are extreme socioeconomic and racial disparities in autism diagnosis, treatment, and awareness. 

Black children are more likely to be labeled "troubled" while a white child with similar symptoms would receive an ASD diagnosis. 


Wealthier families are able to afford treatments such as AAT, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and a keto diet which all alleviate symptoms of autism according to current research.   

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NO research indicates physical differences in brain composition of people with ASD and neurotypical individuals. Rather, a more probable hypothesis is the neural connections in the brain; children with ASD have intense neutral pathways (special interests) while others, if not practiced (such as social skills), atrophy at greater rates than NT children. 

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A surprisingly popular activity for teens and young adults with ASD is ballroom dancing. It is highly structured with many rules. Beginning lessons are slow, basic, and in a comfortable environment.  Other great activities that people with ASD enjoy include rock climbing, horseback riding, and other forms of fun exercise. 

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