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What We Do


Guest Speakers 

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A visit to the Governers Mansion to meet leaders in autism advocation in Georgia. 
Students talk to Frans DeWaal, the world-renowned primatologist, about autism research at Yerkes National Primate Research Center on Rhesus macaques. 
We had so much fun painting with the kid


Community Service 

Hosting annual Community Expo to engage underprivileged kids in the Greater Atlanta Area in a day of fun activities. 


We are honored to partner with the Jewish Student Union and present for Holocaust Remembrance Day. Much of the general public does not know about the deadly discrimination towards those with autism and other developmental disorders. It is imperative for us to honor, through education, those victims.  
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Our exec board has A LOT of fun fun fun
On March 2, our Disability Day of Mourning vigil commemorated all the kids and adults whose murders were often excused because of their disabilities. Disabled lives matter. 
Our board members get trained on how to talk about autism and how to spread positivity to our campus! 

Peer Empowerment 


Gorgeous afternoons in Georgia let us have meetings to discuss autism awareness on the quad. ☀️
Our 5K volunteer crew. 🏃‍♀️
Members of the AAO volunteer at local therapeutic horse farms to help kids with autism and other developmental disabilities learn how to ride horses. 🐴 
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Team Building 

Some members of our board on Stone Mountain! 
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