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Emory AAO will be hosting a nonprofit dodgeball tournament next fall.

Here are some of the details:

WHEN                                    WHO         

  • The tournament will take two days

  • Day one will be all the preliminary matches

  • Day two will be the final four games and, of course, our championship game.

  • The Emory Autism Awareness Organization is hosting this event that we want everyone to be a part of 

  • We are inviting clubs, sports teams, friends, musical groups, greek life, etc to make a team. 

  • The only requirement for who can join is that they must be an Emory student.

WHAT                                    TEAMS                    

  • This is a charitable event

  • All of the money goes to Marcus Autism Center, local grants and intervention efforts to stop premature death

  • Each team member must pay to participate

  • All teams must have a name

  • Jerseys are not required but strongly encouraged (get creative here)

  • Each team needs a coach dressed for business

  • Each team needs 5-6 players


The tournament will take place over the course of two days in the basketball gym in the

Woodpeck. We are hoping to divide the gym up into three separate courts, allowing for 

simultaneous action across the gym. Each game will have five dodgeballs.​ 

It's classic dodgeball, but with smaller teams and a few twists. No highballs, headshots, or

throwing past the midline. You get hit, your out. You catch the ball, your teammate is back in. There is a midline, and if you cross it, you can be tagged out by an enemy or shot by an enemy. You can cross the midline to get a ball, to intimidate someone, whatever. You may not throw the ball if you are past the midline. A headshot is anything above the shoulders - do one of these and you're out of the game. Shoot another headshot and you're out for good. A highball is anything above twelve feet. We will line the walls of the gym so you can see how high this is in advance of the tournament.  Shoot a highball and you're out, and one player from the other team gets to come in. Nice job.

Those are the rules of the game. It is very simple. That being said, go out and practice with your teams. 


Each member of the winning team will receive a shirt, which we will release soon. ​

Winning is great, but this is about doing something fun while promoting our important cause. We encourage you to really have fun with this. We will announce our winners for all sorts of superlatives - best team name, costume, etc.

Henry's Story:

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