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Neurodiversity in the Workplace Benefits Everyone

Updated: Apr 14, 2020


The past few decades have seen a push for diversity and inclusion in the workforce. As diversity becomes increasingly prevalent on the corporate agenda, employers are realizing not only the importance of but also the benefits from hiring people from a variety of backgrounds and talents. One of the ways in which job recruiters are accomplishing this is increasing neurodiversity by hiring employees on the autism spectrum. Rather than viewing ASD as a hindrance to workers, employers are starting to see that people with ASD offer many unique talents and skills that are beneficial to their company. Major corporations, including Dell and EY, have started programs that work with service agencies to identify certain talents in people with ASD and see how they could fit into their workforce. For example, Microsoft runs a bootcamp for people with ASD to work on specialized projects that include building robotic kits. Another company, an engineering startup, Ultranauts, was started with the idea of hiring with neurodiversity in mind, treating a range of talents and perspectives as a competitive advantage. Despite the progress that society has made for inclusivity for people with ASD, the conversation has just begun. As neurodiversity becomes more visible in the hiring process, employers have to think about how to accommodate workers that they hire, ranging from communicating in different ways to changing fluorescent lighting. Making these changes are not just beneficial, but crucial, to building any inclusive workplace and allowing all members of a workforce an equal chance at succeeding. In the coming years, hopefully we will see this push for inclusivity continue and see even more neurodiversity in the workplace, allowing people with ASD to show and utilize their talents to their fullest potential.


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