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The Economics of Autism

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

According to ABC News, the U.S is going to spend around 1.8 Billion dollars for Autism research over the next five years. Society and government are starting to pay more attention to people with autism. Even with the increasing research fund and attention toward autism, there are still a lot of people who suffers from autism do not equip the right knowledge to help autism patient or get them to the professional treatment.

Autism is much more serve and harmful than you think. Any child of any race can get autism. Around 1 kid out of 59 kids is diagnosed with ASD. We are still unaware of what causes autism, but only know some symptoms associated with it. However, with professional treatment in both behavioral treatment and medicine, children can still have an independent life.

There is an additional $60,000 spending on autism caring each year, and $2.4M cost of autism across a lifetime, according to Autism Speaks. There is health coverage for autism in the U.S. since 2017 to help people with autism. However, there are still a lot of families do not receive help as they may have access to the information. The more the knowledge people have about autism, the more help autism people can receive and the more money can be saved on advertising.

This year, we plan to spread as much information about autism as possible around the globe in the form of presentations, websites, and posters. We hope our action can fights for sustained increasing attention on autism and to help people with ASD.

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