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Underemployment Among Autism Graduates

More than 85% of autism graduates are unemployed. Communication is one of the top sources of anxiety for autism people. However, the ever-demanding labor market is building a fast-growing barrier for autism employment. Often, the fast-paced and stressed interview makes autism graduates feel overwhelming and can barely express themselves. It is obvious graduates with autism need help.

However, there is a lack of help for autism employment. Jennifer Breunig, a graduate with autism, said: “I was basically doing everything alone, Finding others like you can be like finding a home you never knew you had." There are many more shares the same feeling with her. People with autism are keeping getting rejected from job applications which increases their anxiety and frustration when they try to find their jobs.

Professional help for autism in job hunting is necessary and a forum that allows autism graduates to share their experience can be helpful. There is much more need to be done to eliminate the stereotype for autism and provides them a fair consideration for jobs that can be life-changing to the autism community.

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