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AAO Sports League 🏀⚾🎾  

The purpose of the sports league is to provide enjoyment to everyone who participates in the activities, while also, providing physical activity. There are many positive benefits that occur when one gets out and participates in any sporting event.


This league is a great way for neurodiverse individuals and families to make friends and build a connection. Being out on a field or court increases the chances of making friends because they are able to share exciting moments that would not have otherwise been provided in another situation. Also, there is evidence shown that participating in sports releases stress, while also strengthening the brain. Playing a sport improves learning and memorization, which are both great attributes in life. Our goal throughout this program is to contribute to the happiness and excitement of others. 

Each child will receive their own "buddy" who will accompany them through our program. Each buddy has been trained by our Sports League Managers and some are on our Emory varsity sports teams! 

Come meet some of our buddies who are also on the AAO board! 
Tennis National Champions with 4 AAO Mem
John Funda, Varsity Tennis
Titus, Holly, Youssef, Julian Intramural Volleyball Champions!
Julian and Kevin Captain of Varsity Tennis
Kevin Yan, 2x National Tennis Champion
Andrew Sun Varsity Tennis

Coming Fall 2020 

Schedule and Signup out July 2020

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