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World Autism month 

April is World Autism Month and this year, we are celebrating together virtually. Come take a look at what autism awareness means to us. 

 We can help people understand rather than fear this disability


 People deserve to be acknowledged and have our complete support



Autism is not a limitation but a part of their identity 


Collective acceptance no matter experience or disability 


Every person deserves to be acknowledged 


it helps ensure that they are treated with the kindness and dignity that they [ASD patients] deserve.


Difference makes us unique


It is crucial for us to advocate for those whose voices have been historically diminished in our society and to lift those voices up because the autism community has so much to offer the world


The autism community has so much to offer the world


A lot of people went from having no idea to a lot of wrong ideas 


Increasing awareness promotes inclusion, destigmatizes Autism, and it shifts the general public's view of Autism from a disability to just a trait that someone has


Increasing awareness promotes inclusion


Increasing awareness can help remove the stigma 


Increased attention [about autism] which is what we need to increase research breakthroughs within screenings and intervention


It is important for the world to start embracing differences that make individuals unique


Personally, I think that the greatest achievement of the organization is creating an atmosphere of acceptance, not only for those with autism but also the entire spectrum of neurodiversity

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